Oliver Koletzki – Grossstadtmarchen

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Oliver Koletzki – Grossstadtmarchen [New Vinyl]

Artist: Oliver Koletzki

Title: Grossstadtmarchen

Format: Vinyl

Genre: Electronic

UPC: 4260038319246

Condition: New

Release Date: 2017

Record Label: Stil Vor Talent

Album Tracks

1. This Is Leisure (feat. Mieze Katz)
2. Zuckerwatte (feat. Juli Holz)
3. U-Bahn (feat. Axel Bosse)
4. Kusskompatibel
5. Warschauer Stra?e

1. Hypnotized (feat. Fran)
2. Kleines Zwischenspiel
3. Headshaped Box (feat. Kate Mosh)
4. These Habits (feat. Pyur)
5. Die Raketen – Nimm Mich Mit (Oliver Koletzki Remix)

Stil Vor Talent present the first vinyl issue of Oliver Koletzki’s most successful album Gro?stadtmarchen, originally released in 2009. With Gro?stadtmarchen, the Berlin-based techno and house producer created a musically compact album, working together with many different singers: Established artists like Mieze Katz from the German electro-pop outfit MIA., the hot German pop-rock-singer Axel Bosse, indie band Kate Mosh as well as newcomers such as Fran, Pyur, and Juli Holz. The result are ten songs that easily fluctuate between catchy pop tracks, modern house grooves, and ’80s synthesizer pop, yet it still maintains Koletzki’s very own sound dynamic. Gro?stadtmarchen, which translates as The Tale Of The Big City” starts off with “This Is Leisure”. Famous pop singer Mieze Katz has put down her sexy voice on a guitar-based song pattern that functions as an ideal introduction into the craziness of the big city tales. Juli Holz’s softly whispering voice sings about the dilemmas of love in the big city on “Zuckerwatte”, a very fine electro-pop tune. Oliver Koletzki and Axel Bosse board an underground train that takes them around the Berlin U-Bahn system and back. Axel Bosse adds his melancholic voice to this groovy pop anthem and sings about the poetic magic of public transport, while the sounds of the trains lay on top. Of course, Koletzki added some purely instrumental tracks on his album, too: “Kusskompatibel” and “Warschauer Stra?e” are a journey back to Oliver’s first years in Berlin and his love for house music. “Kleines Zwischenspiel” also celebrates the energetic sound of electronic music. Then there is another great shine of bright light with the pop track “Hypnotized” that is already making airwaves on German radio. It features the newcomer singer Fran that turns this track into a wonderful electronic love story – a catchy pop anthem about the first dance, the first kiss and that special moment when the night turns into day. “Headshaped Box” encapsulates what indie-tronic sounds like in the year 2009: symphonic, melodic and simply unique. On “These Habits” the just seventeen-year-old singer Pyur makes her debut. This down-beat trip hop-groove is a wonderful hit for late summer. Oliver Koletzki remixes “Nimm Mich Mit” by the electronic boy-band Die Raketen. Gro?stadtmarchen is the logical consequence from two decades of intense musical production. It’s a mature, yet still playful pop album that manages to combine many different influences into one harmonious oeuvre. Includes download code.

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