Mr. Oizo – Lambs Anger

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Mr. Oizo – Lambs Anger [New Vinyl LP] Gatefold LP Jacket, With CD

Artist: Mr. Oizo

Title: Lambs Anger

Format: Vinyl

Attributes: Gatefold LP Jacket, With CD

Genre: Electronic

UPC: 5060421562100

Condition: New

Release Date: 2015

Record Label: Because Music

Album Tracks

1. A1. Hun
2. A2. Pourriture 2
3. A3. Z
4. A4. Cut Dick
5. B1. Two Take It (Feat. Carmen Castro)
6. B2. Rank
7. B3. Bruce Willis Is Dead
8. B4. Jo
9. C1. Positif
10. C2. Lambs Anger
11. C3. Erreur Jean (Feat. Error Smith)
12. C4. Steroids (Feat. Uffie)
13. D1. Gay Dentists
14. D2. Pourriture 7
15. D3. w
16. D4. Lars Von Sen

Gatefold double LP edition of Mr Oizo’s 2008 album Lambs Anger; includes CD. French DJ and producer Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr. Oizo) offers more of his distinctive and eccentric take on electronic dance music with this album. … less stylistically aggressive than its immediate precursor, Moustache (Half a Scissor), but it still offers a suitably bent approach to dance music, taking the sound and style of traditional club music and bending it into new shapes with distinctive sounds and melodic structures” –AllMusic. Features contributions from Carmen Castro, Errorsmith, and Uffie.

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